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Ceramic steak knife gift set

Ceramic steak knife gift set

--Knife size:4.5inch ceramic steak knife in a set.


--Handle color:as customer's requirement.

--Package style for choice:.

1.Brown cardboard gift box.

2.Magnet gift box+EVA inner

3.Window box+PS tray

--Delivery time:30days or by confirm.


Rust resistant, high hardness, high temperature resistant, non magnetism

Sharpness and despite its wonderful lightness

Keep the purity of food, high density on the surface, easy for cleaning, perfect for protecting from bacteria.

Environment protection, without plumbum and other poison element, fashion & safety

Comparisions of Steel blade and Ceramic blade:

We accept OEM service,we can laser your "logo" on the blade as you want and for gift or other purpose.The color of the handle can be other colors as customer's request.

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